The Social Awakening

Goal Mining into "The Social Awakening" is here to guide you into consciously connecting the mind body and soul. As we are in the process of Universal Consciousness it is only right to join a community of support and growth. Focusing on meditation, different breathing techniques, movement, expression, and connection. With a strong vinyasa foundation, we also tap into other techniques such as Tai-Chi, Pilates, Strength training and spontaneous movement.

This class is designed and inspired to allow you to disconnect from social media trends and your own judgments. Techniques from "The Social Awakening" teach us how to carry peace and patience from our yoga mat into our everyday lives. Meditation takes you through a silent journey to tap into your highest being by tapping into universal vibrations, Breathwork allows us to release & manage tensions, anxieties, and stress caused by our daily lives while movement & expression allows us to build strength, confidence while waking up our life energy source with balance and love. Connection teaches us to drop the ego, leave your self-sabotage and judgment being and become your highest divine self.

"The Social Awakening" is powerful, invigorating & fun in a dimmed light atmosphere with music ranging from earthly sounds, world music, tantric beats, new age and so much more. Classes will range depending on the phase of the sun and moon just like our evolving universe we must evolve as a class and balance with our surroundings. So lets Goal Mine into The Social Awakening, get weird together and transcend into higher dimensions as a collective community.