Our Equipment

At Goal Mine, we are proud to have partnered with Techno Gym who offers only the latest and greatest in fitness equipment. The fully integrated experience will take your workouts to the next level.

SkillMill Connect

Users enjoy the most engaging, comprehensive experience of Athletic Performance Training with SKILLMILL™ Connect, a fully-connected product with a large backlit LCD display and data tracking function to assess personal workout parameters and results, and store these via the cloud-based mywellness® open platform.

  •     Performance monitoring and tracking
  •     Non motorized training
  •     Multidrive technology
  •     Smartphone guidance


SKILLROW™ is the first fully connected indoor rowing equipment that trains both cardio and power at athlete's level, thanks to its sport-specific design, exclusive technology and performance-oriented workouts.

  •     The new rowing machine with Multidrive Technology
  •     The unique feel of rowing on water
  •     Intense on your muscles, easy on your back
  •     Technogym neuromuscular training

Excite Run 600

Excite® Run 600 is a versatile and sturdy treadmill that offers new performance features and new exercise and entertainment options, promising a more challenging, fun and motivating workout experience.

  •     Reduced deck height
  •     New speed shift control
  •     New engaging workouts
  •     Take outdoor running indoors

Excite Climb Unity

Excite® Climb will forever change the nature of stair climbing, making it easy for first-timers as well as challenging for advanced users. Enjoy high intensity routines and immersive content on the new UNITY™ 3.0 console. Monitor and store your full workout data and keep track of the progress on your mywellness® account.

  •     Forget toe pinching
  •     Boost workout effectiveness
  •     Immerse yourself in entertainment
  •     Step aside comfortably

Excite Recline

If you are looking for moderate cardio activity and additional comfort, Excite® Recline offers the ideal cycling experience.

  •     Total accessibility
  •     Fast track controls
  •     Maximum comfort and ease of use

Excite Vario

Enjoy infinite movement trajectories. VARIO follows your stride and adapts automatically to your movement pattern. Its adaptive and no-impact movement assures that your training is varied and effective.

  •     Adaptive Stride
  •     Movement Variety
  •     Optimal Training Effect
  •     New Ergonomic Handlebars


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