Nutrition Assessment

Our certified nutrition coaches will provide an in-house food and diet assessment. The main goal is to identify each client's strengths, weakness, and boundaries. A food diary will be developed to track our course of treatment.

Nutrition Education

Monthly group meetings where members discuss and help one another learn something new. We will customize a Healthy Lifestyle Plan which includes the following:

Pantry Assessment: Clients will provide a list of all items in their refrigerators, freezers & pantries at home, in-home consultations are available as well.
Meal Planning: From breakfast, lunch, snacks & dinners daily, weekly, or bi-weekly based on items ordered.
Food Shopping: We will use the clients preferred method of food ordering via company of their choice or take them food shopping while providing nutrition counseling in the store or at the health club.
Nutrition Counseling: One-on-one counseling is available to discuss any medical, or health related issues. All information is confidential.
Cooking Instruction: In-house cooking demos of how to prepare weekly meals, store and portion meals.
Recipes: Weekly recipes based on items they have ordered or have at home.


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