Sunday Stories: Talia Clarke

Sunday Stories is a series that showcases individuals who overcame some of their toughest times by focusing on fitness & wellness. We're honored to share with you Talia's Story:


"When I was 24 I found out I was pregnant. Instantly, a ton of different emotions filled my body. Uncertainty, excitement, joy, nervousness - you name it, I felt it. As my pregnancy progressed, I became more and more excited about the journey I would embark on. It never really crossed my mind the reality shock I would face once my son entered the world. 

At 25 I became a mother, and that’s when reality really hit me. It was no longer “all about me.” I had a huge responsibility and a life depending on me. I struggled with anxiety, exhaustion, fear, feeling like I had no real me time to clear my head and refocus. 
My then fiancé (now husband) suggested I should start taking walks twice a day. One to clear my head and two to get back into shape. Four years later I can say that was the best advice I was ever given and being a mother is a greatest accomplishment and greatest joy."
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