Sunday Stories: Jessica Sulin

Sunday Stories is a series that showcases individuals who overcame some of their toughest times by focusing on fitness & wellness. We're honored to share with you Jessica's Story:


"I used to be a hair stylist working at an extremely busy blowout bar in Manhattan.
Over the course of three years doing the same repetitive motion daily, my hand started to give up on me. Hurting more each day at work, I was forced to give up doing hair completely.
I've been tested for everything to see what was wrong and how I could fix it, but have had no such luck over the past 5 years. I started to think I was crazy, knowing that I am in such pain but being told "there's nothing wrong" by multiple specialists. 
So after trying all I could possibly think of, I finally found some relief once I changed my nutrition and diet. Anyone who knows me knows that I would go weeks without drinking any water and pretty much lived on Diet Coke and bacon. Once I cut back on a lot of junk food in my diet and tripled my water intake, I noticed less pain. I'm hoping to eventually have no pain by keeping up with a more healthy lifestyle, and I really think Goal Mine will help pave the way for to me stay motivated!"