Sunday Stories: Francesca Muffaletto

Sunday Stories is a series that showcases individuals who overcame some of their toughest times by focusing on fitness & wellness. We're honored to share with you Francesca's Story:


"I was born in Brooklyn, and raised on Staten Island. From a young age, I connected with movement through dance. It made me feel alive, and present. It was what I did to unplug and escape, for about 20 years. Of course I didn't know this while it was happening, I just knew that I felt better in body and mind afterwards.

It was in my twenties, when I had to make the choice to leave dancing behind, to pursue a 'real' career (come on, do the air quotes with me). My 'real' career in fashion lasted for about 10 years. I learned and experienced so much during that time, but also spent countless hours sitting at my desk, refraining from doing turns and cart wheels in my office. To ease the pain of being still most of the day, I remained active after work hours doing anything that required movement. I boxed, did spin, climbed ropes, swam, lifted heavy (too heavy) things, and this made me feel good, but it still wasn't enough-there was something missing.

Then, I found yoga, this magic formula of movement and mindfulness that took care of my body, and my brain. I was hooked. So after 7 years of practicing yoga, and dreaming of teaching yoga, I had finally made the choice to leave my career in fashion and jump both feet into my yoga dream plans (wonderful/terrifying- goodbye comfort zone), to share and teach what yoga has given me, to others.

Yoga can make you feel a lot of different things, but more than anything it has made me feel empowered, because once you actually commit yourself to practicing yoga, it is for certain that you will get better over time. That your body will respond to your efforts, and that during the process of growing, your mind will be come just a little more quiet, and less frantic. So much that you can start to hear your inner (positive) voice, that has maybe gone quiet because of how loud, and annoying your self-doubt voice can be (quiet that fool down). Thanks for reading and hope to see your face in class."


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